Our Best Tips

Over the years, the ENP police officers have come up with a few “must do” recommendations.  These are low cost and highly effective tips that everyone should be following, every day.

Install a Home Alarm System

alarm-systemOur ENP police officers emphasize having an alarm as their number one recommendation for all residents. Not only does the alarm scare away someone who actually breaks in, but the sign in front of your house is a great crime deterrent, and there is peace of mind knowing the company is monitoring your home 24/7 and acting on your behalf in the event of an emergency.  Modern alarm systems use wireless sensors, so installation costs are much less – companies like ADT regularly run $99 installation specials and more companies are introducing do-it-yourself alarm systems that are effective and monitored by 24/7 call centers.  Almost all insurance companies provide a discount on homeowners insurance premiums if you have a home alarm system, so be sure to tell your insurance company if you have an alarm or purchase one.

You will need to have an annual alarm permit on file with the City of Dallas as well as your monitoring company.  The city will not dispatch police without one.  This City of Dallas webpage provides more information.

And if you have an alarm – use it!  Even if you’re just running to the grocery story.  Any time you leave your house empty, set your alarm!

Keep Porch & Driveway Lights On

porch-lightOutdoor lighting goes a long way towards reducing nighttime crime. Turn on your front and back porch lights, driveway lights, and garage lights, and keep them on all night!

Look for inexpensive and easy-to-install light timers, photo-sensors, and motion detectors at Home Depot or Lowes – these items can automatically turn on and off your lights so you don’t have to!


Take, Lock & Park Your Vehicle

car-break-inNearly 50% of all crime in Midway Hollow each year involve vehicles being burglarized, vandalized, or stolen.  The good news is these are preventable crimes if you “Take, Lock & Park”.

Take all of your belongings with you when you leave your car. If there’s nothing in your car, a thief won’t bother!

Lock your car doors and close your windows. Don’t give thieves an easy way into your car!

Park your car in a garage, behind a gate, or as close to a well-lit driveway as possible. Avoid parking on the street if possible.  Thieves don’t like bright light or being heard by homeowners!