Membership Benefits

The Midway Hollow Crime Watch provides the following benefits to paying members:

  • 96% of membership dues go towards hiring Dallas Police Department officers to exclusively patrol our neighborhood in DPD patrol cars for high visibility, resulting in an increased police presence and a reduction in crime.
  • ENP police officers will respond immediately to 911 calls and home burglary alarms when on duty.
  • A dedicated voicemail number allows members to leave messages for the ENP police officers.
  • ENP police officers will check on your home when you are on vacation or away for an extended period.
  • Our ENP police officers have been in Midway Hollow for many years and are our neighborhood experts.
  • ENP police officers have your contact information in case they see something out of order at your home.
  • Members receive a Midway Hollow Crime Watch yard sign to discourage would-be thieves and offenders.
  • Monthly newsletter with crime statistics, crime prevention tips and tricks from our ENP police officers, and neighborhood announcements from our board members are delivered.
  • Crime alerts from our ENP police officers are emailed when an especially serious or time-sensitive threat is identified.

Midway Hollow Crime Watch dues are only $150 per 6-month billing period ($112.50 for seniors 65+). That’s just 82 cents per day! Our billing periods are April 1st – September 30th, and October 1st – March 31st, but you can join at any time! Please note that we are unable to prorate membership dues but will apply payment received during the last two months of each session to the upcoming membership session period to align payment and membership cycles. 

For more details, please download the Midway Hollow Crime Watch flyer or sign-up today by clicking the “Pay Membership Dues” link at the top of the page.

Example Emails

Curious about the kind of emails paying Midway Hollow Crime Watch members receive? Here are a few examples of actual emails that were sent to all of our members!

Monthly Newsletter

Our Monthly Newsletters include Midway Hollow’s crime statistics for the previous month, a variety of crime prevention tips and tricks from our ENP police officers, and other neighborhood announcements. Click here to see an example of a Monthly Newsletter.

Crime Alerts

Paying Midway Hollow Crime Watch members are sent a Crime Alert when a threat that is considered especially serious or time-sensitive by the ENP police officers is identified. For example, when a person or vehicle that is wanted in connection with a crime is believed to be in our neighborhood, and the police need our help. Click here to see an example of a Crime Alert.