ENP Police Officers

Dallas Police DepartmentMidway Hollow is extremely fortunate to have a group of Dallas police officers who are hired by the Midway Hollow Crime Watch for extra, dedicated patrol hours. These same police officers have been working with the Midway Hollow Crime Watch for several years, and are our neighborhood experts! The ENP police officers also act as Midway Hollow advocates within the Dallas Police Department by distributing and collecting information, and communicating neighborhood needs. During these patrol hours, Dallas police officers will exclusively patrol the Midway Hollow neighborhood, and will not take calls outside of our neighborhood. Our officers will also respond immediately to 911 calls and home burglary alarms in Midway Hollow during these extra, dedicated patrol hours. The result is an increase in police presence and a reduction in crime in Midway Hollow. If you see the officers patrolling our neighborhood, feel free to stop them and chat!

What is the Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP)?

The Expanded Neighborhood Patrol is a program administered by the Dallas Police Department in which the Midway Hollow Crime Watch purchases extra, dedicated patrol hours specifically for our neighborhood.

During these ENP hours, a uniformed Dallas police officer will patrol our neighborhood in a marked Dallas police car. The officer will immediately respond to any 911 calls and home burglary alarms originating in Midway Hollow, and will not leave our neighborhood to respond to other calls. The objective is to raise police presence and decrease crime in our neighborhood.

The Dallas police officers who participate in our neighborhood’s ENP are a small group of dedicated officers. They are experts in our neighborhood and our area’s crime trends. In some cases, they are or have been living in our neighborhood! They have a vested interest in raising police presence and decreasing crime in Midway Hollow.

Before Midway Hollow participated in the ENP program just a few years ago, we would have as many as 50 offenses each month in our neighborhood.  Today, we average 10 or fewer offenses. We also see significant drops in crime each time we’ve been able to raise the number of weekly ENP hours.