Common Links

Social Media

Midway Hollow Crime Watch Facebook Group
Connect with over 500 Midway Hollow neighbors to ask questions, alert them of suspicious people (after calling 911), or post lost and found pets.  Although we try our best to ensure that group members actually live in Midway Hollow, Facebook does not provide authentication at this time.

Midway Hollow on Nextdoor
Nextdoor is a private social network similar to Facebook, but specific to individual neighborhoods.  Over 2,300 Midway Hollow neighbors have already joined the network, and are sharing information about criminal activity, trustworthy babysitters and handymen, and posting pictures of lost and found pets.  A great thing about Nextdoor is they authenticate users to their actual home addresses, so you can be sure that you are talking to your actual neighbors. *Please note that the Midway Hollow Crime Watch does not actively communicate through this network*

Crime Statistics

Dallas Police Public Data
The Dallas Police Department provides public access to its police reports. These reports may be in a preliminary state, and may not be wholly accurate until investigated. Parts of beats 525 and 526 cover Midway Hollow and can be used in searches.

The most comprehensive online source of crime information. Local maps, crime reports & classifications, real-time interactive maps.  Often used by other websites for crime information.

Dallas Police Department Recommended Links

iWatch Dallas allows Midway Hollow residents to provide tips and leads to police concerning crime that is affecting their community by reporting suspicious activity through the iWatch website, text message, or by downloading the mobile app for your smart phone.

ReportIt by LeadsOnline
LeadsOnline is a free online service that lets individuals submit inventories to police in case of burglary or theft. Serial numbers of televisions, laptop computers, video game consoles or power tools can be easily registered. Users can list identifying marks on jewelry, such as personal inscriptions. If they have pets, collectibles or musical instruments, they can register those, too. And they can include photographs and scanned receipts to help police identify stolen merchandise.

Report Street Light Outages
Oncor will repair broken street lights for free, but it is the residents’ responsibility to alert Oncor of outages.  Street light outages and other issues can be reported online to Oncor.